My name is Irine. I am a digital media designer based in Vancouver, BC. I can help you create engaging digital media content to promote your brand and grow your business. 


I also work with local non-profit organizations on public service announcements to raise public awareness and engagement on climate change, inequality, and animal well-being. 


Some of my recent accomplishments include an interactive video project documenting the traditional practice of cockfighting in Bali. Titled Tajen (meaning cockfight in Balinese), this project was a part of a collaboration with the University of California in Los Angeles. Then there is SIMA (short for Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology), a user experience research project as a part of the Smithsonian’s Natural History museum’s digitization effort to connect heritage objects with traditional practices and storytelling in the Indigenous communities.


I also enjoy working on smaller-scale fun projects like designing a quarterly newsletter for ElderDog, a volunteer organization providing support for seniors to care for their pets,  Melt, a video time-lapse project documenting the melting of snowmen on Kits Beach. And last but not least, I also do branding projects and develop WordPress sites for local artists, business owners, and film festivals.


A bit about my background – I was born and raised on the Island of Java, Indonesia. I moved to sunny Los Angeles in my early 20s and lived there for over a decade before moving to Vancouver, Canada. I still call LA my second home and the go-to place I visit when I need a break from Vancouver rain.


Here are some of my favourite things to do. I love experimenting with my favourite dishes from my childhood – like rendang and nasi goreng, pairing them with new ingredients. Next is cuddling with my fluffy Bichon X doggo, Leche, who has been keeping me sane during quarantining while binge-watching true-crime series on Netflix.


Want to know more about me? Let’s chat!